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Who We Are

The People Behind the Hobby

Takahe Games is a partnership between Emily Watters and Valerie Huggard.

They met at a most bewitching LARP based around a favourite Boy Wizard who attends classes in a magic castle in 2015. They brazenly figured they could make their own Boy Wizard game, but make it infinitely more Kiwi. Braewelth was born out of hubris and hijinks, as well as months of planning and a lot of help from Kerey Watters. After a successful first run they figured they could do it all again and bring you not only an encore of Braewelth, but many other games too.

They like to think of themselves as purveyors of slice-of-life games, but really their games are love letters to fun and the fantastical. They also hope to support and grow the community  by making LARP more accessible for new people by providing low cost costuming and games based on easy to grasp worlds.

Clearly that meeting was meant to be all those years ago and neither could have predicted the amount of gaiety that would ensue. Since then they have played many games together and formed a strong and supportive friendship.

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