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Our aim is to create an atmosphere of scout camping mixed with the cryptid mysteries of the deep woods for a weekend of badge collecting, mystery solving and, of course, a talent show.

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What's it all about?

Camporee is an adventurous, slice of life LARP, that takes a light-hearted look at what lives deep in the woods, while making sure you've got all the badges you need to win the top troop trophy.

This game is made for first time players and veterans who are looking for a fun and happy-go-lucky game.

Camporee is designed for around 20 players and 15 crew members making it less intimidating for new people wanting to give LARP a try in a fun and easy to understand world.

In this game players are each part of a scout troop competing together to get the most badges, while also rehearsing for the talent show on Saturday night and ending with the Top Troop Trophy Ceremony just before lunch on Sunday.

Before the game you will be sorted into a troop and will be given your troop identifier at the opening ceremony. (Feel free to let us know if you would like to be with a friend when you fill out your registration form!)

Crew members will be given a main role to play over the weekend as well as several other small parts throughout the game.

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Be sure to get notified when tickets go on sale!

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