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Braewelth: School of Magic

Our aim is to create and weave the stories of our students and staff together over a weekend of shenanigans, fun and debauchery.

School of Magic: Services

What's it all about?

School of Magic is an adventurous, slice of life LARP, that delves into the lives of the students at Braewelth, School of Magic.

This game is made for first time players and veterans who are looking for a light-hearted game.

School of Magic is designed for 20 players and 15 crew members making it less intimidating for new people wanting to give LARP a try in a familiar and well loved world setting.

In this game players are students at Braewelth, the premier wizarding school in New Zealand. It is comprised of four houses like other traditional schools of it's kind.

At the game you will be sorted into a house when you arrive at the opening ceremony (based on a questionnaire you fill out before the game) . At Braewelth students are sorted in years 1, 3 and 7 to reflect the changes you make as you grow.

Crew members will be cast as teachers and given a role to play over the weekend as well as several other small parts through out the game.

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School of Magic: About Us

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The houses


Motto - Te Maia (The brave)

Animal - Kārearea

Rimu are known for their bravery and loyalty. Many of the students who come through Rimu house become famous New Zealand aurors, the current New Zealand Minister of Magic came from Rimu house.


Motto - Peke  (Drive)

Animal - Whitetail

The students in Totara house are known for their drive and passion for anything they enjoy. Sometimes Totara house can be misconstrued as mean or evil but the students in this house simply do whatever they can to achieve their own personal goals.


Motto - Te Matauranga (Knowledge)

Animal - Kea

Mamaku house is home to the most studious of Braewelth students. They study hard and achieve greatly. Many Mamaku students are now scholars in the magical community, often they go abroad to learn more about the world around them .


Motto - Te Pono (The truth)

Animal - Kakapo

Home to the kindest students in Braewelth is Nikau house. Exceptional in their own right Nikau students know the importance of loyalty and happiness; often they are the smiling face in a dark time.

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School of Magic: About

Player Perks

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Acceptance Letter

This will be mailed to you before the game and will include your acceptance letter, character sheet and any other information your character might need

House Shirt

When you are sorted into your house you will receive a shirt in your house colour with the Braewelth logo on it for you to wear over the weekend and have as a keepsake afterward

Yearbook Photo

A digital download of your individual yearbook photo as well as class photos

School of Magic: Work

Crew Perks

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A Role Just For You

We work with you before the game to create a teacher role that you will play over the entire weekend. There will be a teacher role for most crew members, though you will still be expected to play some other roles over the weekend as well

Costumes Pieces Provided

Crew should be bringing crew blacks (a set of black clothing to wear under costumes) and good shoes for walking around, but other pieces will be provided for you to choose from at the game. Of course you're welcome to bring anything special you would like to wear

Yearbook Photo

A digital download of your individual yearbook photo as well as class photos

School of Magic: Work

Please note that all tickets include the following:


We typically rent an entire camp out for the weekend. This includes use of facilities (kitchen, toilets, showers), a bed for each person, and use of indoor spaces such as a main hall or meeting rooms. 

Participants share bunk rooms (usually 4-6 people per room with bunk beds), though players and crew usually bunk separately from each other so they can have out-of-character spaces in which they can freely talk without spoiling game content. Please get in touch if there is someone you would like to bunk with (we can accommodate crew and players bunking together), we make an effort to make sure everyone is comfortable (ie, bunking with your friends or partner(s))


Meals included with your ticket are:


  • Supper (a light meal in the evening)


  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner


  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

We also cater for any dietary requirements which you can state in the registration form.

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